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Few women meet minimum exercise guidelines

Few women meet minimum exercise guidelines

Less than one-fourth of American adults are getting enough exercise but men are doing better than women, a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention found. 

The study also showed that where Americans choose to live and work can have very real consequences for their health.

The research used the Department of Health and Human Services guidelines developed in 2008 as a benchmark for minimum exercise requirements. The HHS recommendations said that to remain healthy, people should perform muscle-strengthening activities twice a week and moderate or vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity for at least 75 minutes each week. 



Just 22.9 percent of adults ages 18 to 64 age bracket meet the HHS exercise guidelines, including 18.7 percent of women and 27.2 percent of men, per Statista. Professionals and managers are more likely than adults in production and related occupations to meet the guidelines.

Colorado has the highest share of adults getting enough exercise at 32.5 percent while Mississippi has the lowest with just 13.5 percent. In general, Southeastern states consistently ranked below average, while states in the Western and Rocky Mountain regions ranked consistently higher.

States with higher percentages of professionals and managers relative to production workers, such as Colorado, generally had higher percentages of working adults meeting the guidelines for physical activity during their leisure time than did states with more production workers and fewer professionals and managers, such as Mississippi. 

While the average number of working women who met the guidelines (20.9 percent) was above the target of 20.1 percent, the average number of nonworking women who did was 14.6 percent, almost six percentage points lower than the target. Nonworking women in just five states — Colorado, Idaho, New Hampshire, Utah, and Washington — were statistically above the average. 


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