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Lateral step up with bodyweight

Lateral step up with bodyweight

Lateral body weight step ups with a little twist to hit that ab a little. Looks like I need to hit abs a little more lol.

I thought about not posting this because I feel like it isn’t the best view of me. Know what? We all have views of ourselves we don’t like and it’s ok for other people to see that. Does that make me any less of a bad ass? Nope! Does that make me any less dedicated? Nope. Actually makes me want to push harder. I hope some of my posts help you as much as they help me.



 As always, I leave below the proper steps to complete this exercise:


Start standing to the left side of a box, step or bench. Step onto the box with your right foot. Step up, placing your left foot next to the right and step down to the floor with your right foot on the other side of the box. Lower your left foot down to the floor and immediately place it back up onto the box to repeat the movement on the other side.



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