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Doing elliptical with my own flare

Doing elliptical with my own flare


Upper body weights day followed by incline sprints on treadmill, and to finish off the thighs and get a good burn, single legged elliptical at a level 5 resistance.

I love that feeling of a good hard workout!



If you don't feel comfortable with a single leg elliptical do it with the regular way!


I will leave below 5 reasons why the elliptical is better than the treadmill:

1. You can absolutely do it.

The elliptical is good for all ages and fitness levels (barring those who are injured), says New York City-based fitness expert Amie Hoff. “It’s a very easy motion and can give people a sense of security,” she says—which can be particularly helpful to gym newbies who may be intimidated by other equipment. Bonus: You don’t need a manual to understand how to use it.

2. You can find ‘em almost everywhere.

Need a boutique studio (and a ballooning savings account) to access an elliptical machine? Nah. These bad boys are in just about every gym, including the measly ones found in apartment buildings and hotels.

3. You CAN get your heart racing.

Believe it or not, your pulse revs up during elliptical training—higher than the treadmill, according to one study (even when perceived exertion is the same) . Another study found that runners' legs felt more tired after using the elliptical than a comparable workout on the treadmill . The cherry on top? You get all the heart-pumping benefits (if not more), minus the pounding.

4. You can squeeze it into your schedule.

As much as we love HIIT workouts, they always require a post-workout shower session. And if you’re strapped for time (here’s looking at you, lunchtime workout warriors), you know it’s crucial to get in and out of the gym ASAP. Plus, if any of you ladies out there have ever tried to keep your strands smooth and sleek through a sweat session, you know it’s pretty damn difficult. Since you have direct control over intensity on the elliptical, you can avoid being a sweaty beast (and spend more time exercising).

5. You can avoid unwanted competition.

Friendly competition? Awesome. Trying to power through your workout with the dude next to you eyeballing your mileage and speed? Not so much. Thankfully, that phenomenon seems to be limited to the treadmill, so you can hit the elliptical in peace.


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